ARTIST:Fusion Bass
GENRES:Dubstep, Deep House, House, Trance, Progressive House


Fusion Bass – Russian electronic music project. It was founded by Fedor Golikov in 2014 in Krasnodar. He is currently working as a solo project for the musician.

«Fusion Bass» – means combining styles and unusual components of sound, which create a new individual approach to musical creativity. However, despite the different styles and techniques that I use in my music, it always has its own recognizable features.

The slogan of “Fusion Bass” music project is “Emotionally free music”. Each track is a captured emotion, highlighted by a carefully chosen atmosphere. The emotional component is the basis of my creativity, regardless of whether it is a dance track or track for home listening.

Fedor was a member of many acoustic bands in Krasnodar («Hitchhiker», «Southern Boulevard», «A’m Fine»). He played percussion and drums in them for a long time. In addition, he is a co-author of the musical project «3 Notes» with his brother Alexander Golikov.
Styles: ChillOut; House; Trance; Dubstep; Breaks; Chill Trap.

Support from DJ:
Kubrak, Trance Rush, Airdigital, Sairtech, Snesarev Sergey, Sky Shade, Sasha ShipLove, Jamanje, Foxt, Distant Moon, Christian Kanev, Discussor, Muz Mez & Kryptonate, Mongolca, Tadler, Sandor Calm.

Support from Radio:
Trance Fusion FM (Poland), Atmosfera (Russia), AvivMedia (Israel), Powerfm (Latvia), Input (Russia), Chillout station (Russia), EDM Radio (Russia), Dinamit DFM (Russia), GTI Radio (CIS).