ARTIST:Adwaith Raghuraam
GENRES:DownTempo, Chillout


Adwaith Raghuraam is an 18 year old music producer from Kochi, India. Born into a musical family, his love for music started at the tender age of 3. Since then his talent was fostered by his father and grandmother who are both Indian classical musicians. His interest in music production blossomed when he was 10 while listening to A R Rahman’s songs. Adwaith is currently doing 8th grade in piano from Trinity College of London and is also pursuing Indian Classical Music(Vocal). He can also play the Sitar(String instrument).Though he is young, his achievements are many, the most notable being his 1st rank in the International Competition for Chill Music genre conducted by Skiomusic, Vancouver, Canada. He has also independently produced tracks in Chill Music, Indie Music, Indietronica and Psychill ( Trance ) genres. He loves experimenting with new sounds and specialises in incorporating Indian Music with Electronic Dance Music, which is a new sound to the world. As an artist, he always wanted to make music at the interface of commercial and art, music that does not sound cliche, music that makes people fall in love with music, and that will be his driving force as he makes his dreams come true.