ARTIST:Digital Illusion
GENRES:Progressive House


Richard aka Digital Illusion is a Musician, Producer and DJ. He creates, produces, and DJs in the area of electronic music, ranging from tribal dub to techno and house music. He has a strong background in sound design based on previous studies. He is a big music enthusiast and has been influenced by many worldwide. His music reflects his love for deep atmospheres and strong musical motives. He has loved club music and synthesis for such a long time.

He has collaborated with other producers and also has several remixes on hand, such as for Awali, Voj & 3ska, Gary Rostock, Jock The Lock, Sonority, Philip TBC, Sato-San To, Lenka Dusilova, among others.

His music is also played by many djs and is regularly played on Radio 1, the most respected Czech radio station.