GENRES:Progressive House


Alick Wiratunga, better known as Alex-T in the world of entertainment is no stranger when it comes to dance music. With his 20 plus years in the industry, Alex-T has continued to be one of the favorites amongst Sri Lankan radio stations, mesmerizing it’s listeners with his weekend radio shows. It all began when he kick-started his career as a DJ & Station producer at Efm which is one of the largest media networks in Sri Lanka & hosted the weekend radio mix show “Club Connection”. However, in no time he was offered bigger & better opportunities at the network as they recognized his dedication & drive for music & the role of Events & Promotion coordinator was handed over to him. That was just the beginning for Alex-T as his career started to syrocket ever since when he was offered even a better role at another major media network in Sri Lanka, Kiss 898 as a DJ and station producer. Alex-T, currently based in UAE – Dubai has proved that his passion for music & hard work has only continued to shower him with bigger opportunities helping him to make waves globally. Alex-T is also a founding member of Dplus, one of the biggest event organizers, giving Sri Lanka based artists the opportunity to perform in UAE- Dubai. Alex-T continues to create magic combining his easygoing nature with his love for dance music which perfectly meets the demands of his audience around the world.