A&R:Michael Christian


The vision that has encompassed the direction of Rice Bowl Recordings and sub-label Tulua Records starting in December of 2020, has been founded in the head of A&R, Director of Operations, fellow electronic music producer and Co-Owner, Michael Christian. The vision however, has built its roots when he was a curious and imaginative teenager. Having listened to a wide-range of genres, from New Age, instrumental movie scores, Pop, Trance, and more, Michael has built-up an understanding of the evolution of the sounds.

Artists like Robbie Williams, Enya and Daft Punk are some of the driving forces behind his imagination, which has in turn, carried a life-long relationship to music. The thoughts that once lived in the mind of Michael have manifested into something that one would consider an obsession. Just a few years later, when Michael was fifteen, his love for the piano, which he started playing at age seven, would grow into creating eclectic compositions. The desire for creativity in making music with his personal keyboard possessed his very existence. As time would pass without awareness, he managed to conjure hundreds of random ideas which went in every direction imaginable, no boundaries.

One day in 2009, Michael was listening to random music on his computer. There was one particular song that peaked his interest as it played through the speakers. A Trance tune that had come out just the year before, had invaded his mind like a virus. Armin Van Buuren’s release, “In And Out Of Love,” was the setting of a new revelation, a new journey into the world of music that would transition the passion of creativity on his keyboard, into the computer’s software for music-making. Reason was the first DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) which he experimented creating the very first pieces of electronic musical art. While the pieces showcased humble beginnings, the productions would soon evolve in admiration and inspiration of listening to the artists in electronic dance music at that time which include Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, Deadmau5, Tritonal, Zedd, Gareth Emery and many others.

In the years that followed, and as the virus made its way to the heart, countless club nights, concerts and electronic music festivals were experienced to which Michael decided that making music wasn’t something he wanted to do for fun but for a living, a career path where many fail and few succeed. Being inspired from every club, concert or festival experience along with the continuance of creating new pieces of dance music, Michael set out to have a proper release with an electronic music label. The results from the years between 2009 into 2018 were what some would call a disaster, in the sense that there were no results to the goal Michael had set out. No labels would accept any new track that was created, and there were many rejections, however, when passion lives in the heart, one keeps moving forward. As the mission for a first release grew a bit weary, 2018 entered in. In January, Michael created a track to which he believed carried the right recipe to win the mind of a label. On March 19, 2018, also happening to be Michael’s birthday, a long dream came true. The first release signed to a music label would be “Sunseeker” and the label to which it was signed to was none other than Rice Bowl Recordings.

The beginning of a professional career has started for Michael, and has since sparked into new releases with many labels which followed multiple achievements of music entering into the top 10 charts on iTunes and Beatport. Part of those achievements included his collaboration with renowned electronic dance music singer/songwriter Christina Novelli. Their song, “Say You Love Me,” which was released through Rice Bowl recordings in April of 2020, made the top 10 on the Beatport Dance Chart. Support for Michael’s music would only grow stronger as artists from Aly & Fila to Chicane would assist in carrying the music to a wider audience. Most recently, one single made a stand as his vocal single, “No More Tears,” crossed 500,000 streams on the Spotify platform in counting. The journey continues and the thoughts have only gotten bigger. Towards the conclusion of 2020, Michael was approached by the owner of the Rice Bowl Recordings label to create a partnership which has since come to fuel a vision of creating a culture of like-minded, passionate, committed artists, producers and friends. The vision is still very much in its infant stages, but the music that has flowed for the first year in his direction has been nothing short of magnetic, inspiring, deep and eclectic, with ranges of energy shining every corner, to darker moods that cast an emotive shadow.

As Michael Christian continues his journey through music, the armor to which he carries for the mission is fastened tightly. The passion, the productions, the vision for the label and ear for what’s next, fuel the hard-work into creating something new, genuine and inspiring. From a time in which a desire and imagination for music was once enjoyed alone as a growing teenager, can now have a place in the hearts of many that follow in the music, art and culture of Rice Bowl Recordings.